National Junior Golf Tour

NJGT Point System

NJGT North and South Carolina Points System:

North and South Carolina point awards will be given to players of each age group (excluding non-competitive players) at the end of each the tour season. Tour seasons include: September 1st – May 31st and June 1st – August 31st.
The following point system will be used to establish a NJGT North Carolina and South Carolina State points champion for each age division.
Points are awarded to every player who completes a tournament.
To be eligible for the state points award a player must participate in a least 4 events in the state in which they wish to compete for the points.
Points do not cross over from one state to another.
Tournaments played in the College Prep program are not part of the North Carolina or South Carolina point system. 
(For two day events total points are double.)
  • 1st Place 250 points
  • 2nd Place 200 points
  • 3rd Place 160 points
  • 4th Place 130 points
  • 5th Place 100 points
  • 6th Place 50 points
  • Post a score 50 Points
  • 10 Points for each player you post a score better than

College Prep Points:

College Prep Points are calculated using the same system as the North and South Carolina point system. Double points are not used for the College Prep Series.

Only a player's top four College Prep tournaments will be used to determined total points.

Players must play in at least four College Prep events to compete in the College Prep point awards.